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Just click on the particular shopping-card icon on the library- or song-pages to buy a license for one of our tracks. You will be transferred to Audiojungle.net, where you can purchase the desired song license by credit card (VISA, AMEX, MASTER CARD), PayPal or Envato prepaid credits. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. image

You can choose between two licensing types: the "regular" and the "extended" license. Please take a look at theAudiojungle license agreement to learn more. image

We offer a special music customization service for our tracks. From modifications of the song's length and speed over changes in its arrangement up to the adding or removal of complete musical figures everything is possible. Just get in touch with us.

The Audiojungle phrase is a simple protective watermark which is only present in the online demos. The non-watermarked version of all song will be available for download after purchasing a license.

When you click on the particular shopping-card icon in the library- or song-pages you will be transferred to Audiojungle.net. As shown below you may download a watermarked preview MP3 by clicking on the download icon inside the audio player. image

It's alright to cut, chop and edit the track in every possible way to fit your project. The only thing which you must not do: license a song, overdub it with lead vocals and sell it as your own music.

Yes! Just drop us a mail and we'll get in touch with you shortly.