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Berlin In-Ear is the stock music pseudonym of a successful music producer and composer from Berlin. Throughout his over 10 years of professional activity for renowned customers he has written music for hundreds of television-, film- and web-based projects.

Since 2014 Berlin In-Ear produces royalty-free music for Royalstockmusic, which is exclusively sold through Audiojungle.net. The constantly growing online library contains songs of a wide range of genres and moods, which are perfectly suitable for professional purposes.

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optimized for commercial purposes

Royalstockmusic.com provides you with licensable music which is perfected to be used in television-, film-, web- and game-based projects. All songs meet industry-leading production standards while considering the special requirements and standards of commercial productions. Therefore every song consists of diversified parts, which can easily be cut to fit your project's dramaturgy. Particular attention is paid to a mature but never excessive sound which provides sufficient space for voice-overs.

for a perfect fit

In case your project needs a tailored sound we offer a special music customization service. Thus all offered songs can be customized, modified, re-arranged and tailored to your special requirements - if needed, time code accurately. Apart from that you can contract Berlin In-Ear for custom music work. Just drop us a message and we'll find a perfect solution for your project.

thanks to 10+ years of experience

Music has always been the key to emotion and inspiration. We have learned that the success of a project depends crucially on the right music. Thanks to our long-time experience we are experts in amplifying emotions and intensifying moods. Our mission is to make messages audible, visuals tangible and nonrational come alive. Our goal: make your project an outstanding success. Benefit from our long-time experience as specialists for audio-visual brand campaigns - like many renowned customers did before.